Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I asked to join the group and you said that you were full at the moment and would put me on a wait list. What the heck?
A: In order to give people a reasonable amount of time to speak and to keep the meeting at a reasonable length, we limit the group size. Occasionally, that means we have more folks who want to join the group than we can manage. If you find yourself on a wait list and don't want to wait, you can look for other groups or start your own. The more writing groups out there, the better.     
Q: Can I submit a story at my first meeting?
A: Our policy is that you must attend your first meeting and then fully participate in a second meeting before you can submit your own work for critique. 
 Q: Will you review my novel?
 A: Yes, but not all in one meeting. We review up to three submissions at each meeting.  Each submission is limited to no more than 18 double-spaced pages (less than 6000 words). You may submit a portion of your novel for review. Unless you are submitting the first chapters please provide a synopsis so others can know what's going on.
 Q: Do you accept nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, comics, ______?
 A: We are open to all forms of writing in all genres.
 Q: Can I read my poem / sing my song / perform my play at the meeting?
 A: We aren’t a performance group. We are a critique group for writers.  Submissions are received in written form the Sunday before the Thursday meeting so that members can prepare their critique.  
Q: I’m offended by foul language / violence / sex. Does this group keep things rated PG?
 A: The human condition often encompasses foul language / violence / sex.  This is reflected in some of the stories submitted for review. If certain themes or words offend, then you may wish to join a writers’ group that better aligns to your needs. As stated previously, we are open to all forms of writing.  While you will never be forced to critique a topic that is upsetting to you, the group will not avoid such subject matter.
 Q: I’m busy on Thursday nights. Can I be a part of the group and just provide my critiques via email?
 A: We meet in person. Occasionally a member won’t be able to make a meeting or two and will provide their critique via email. But this is the exception and not the rule.
 Q: When does the Akron Writers' Group meet?
 A: We meet on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7:00 pm.  The meetings generally run until 9:00 pm.

 Q: Where does the Akron Writers' Group meet?
 A: We meet at various locations in or near downtown Akron, Ohio.  Recently, we've been able to meet at the same location on East Market St. and it works out pretty well. 
 Q: How long are the Meetings?
 A: It varies, but usually they are a couple hours long.
 Q: What should I expect at the first meeting?
 A: There’s a page for that.
 Q: Does it cost anything to join?
 A: There is no charge to participate.  Bring your own drinks and eats (we share, if we bother to bring anything).
 Q: How do I join?
 A: There's a page for that.

Akron Writers' Group
Akron, Ohio