Dr. Abhinav Kamal Raina 

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(A)  Books :       

1.     Dawatnama published by Cosmos publications Ajmer -(1997)

2.     Tourism Industry in Kashmir published by Shipra publishers Delhi - (2002)

3.     Dynamics of Tourism Industry Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi-(2004)

4.     The Tourism System Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi-(2004)

5.     Tourism and Indian Religian Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi-(2005)

6.     The Essence of Tourism Development Sarup & Sons, New Delhi-(2005)

7.     Ecology Wide life and Tourism Development Sarup & Sons, New Delhi-(2006)

8.     Ik;ZVu izcU/k fl)kUr vkSj O;ogkj  Abhinav Prakashan, Ajmer-(2006)

9.     Career Opportunities and Employment Skills : Tourism and Service Sector,  M.D.S. University Ajmer, (2006)

(B) Articles :

(National / International) 

1.     Role of Computer Education in Accounting published by Research Development Association Jaipur - 1995.(Abstract Publication)

2.     Hospitality Industry :Need for Strategic Marketing Internationally published by  International Association of  Hotel Management School Lausanne ; Switzerland -1998.

3.     Strategic Marketing and Planning Approach in the Tourism Industry pub. The Economic Challenger, No.01, Issue 03-1999

4.     Eco-Tourism in Pushkar - A Sustainable Option pub. The Economic Challenger Ajmer, No.2 lssue 5 Pushkar Special Nov. 1999

5.     Eco- Tourism Potential in Pushkar Valley pub. Economic Challenges No.2 Issue 05 - 1999.

6.     Tourism Issues and Challenges in the New Millennium pub. by Conference Secretary Dayanand College Ajmer - 2000.(Abstract Publication)

7.     Eco-Tourism in Kenya on the Trial of Sustainability pub. The Economic Challenger Ajmer No.5 Issue 17 -2002.

8.     Tourism Sector's Role in Uplifting the Economic Conditions of Rural Artisans (with Special Reference to Rajasthan Pub. by Dept. of Commerce and Management J.N.V. University Jodhpur 2002.

9.An Assessment of Economic Feasibility of Tourism Industry A case Study of Rajasthan ; BVIMR Management Edge Vol.2 No1 July -December New Delhi 2005

10.An Examination of Quality Perceptions of Small Hotels of Rajasthan published  by  Ist Biennial CESBM International Conference  MDS university Ajmer ( Abstract Publication)2005

11.     Eco Tourism in India : A Socio-Environmental Sin Qua Non, Editors Pradeep Trikha and Anuraag Sharma, Caring Cultures and Sharing Imaginations : Australia and India, Sarup and Sons, New Delhi, 2006

12. Tourism in the Mahabharata, Editor Pradeep Trikha, Textuality and Inter-Textuality in the Mahabharata, Sarup and Sons, 2006

13. Spirituality and Social order of Women ( A Comparative Study of American and Indian Women in Maimi Florida USA , Studies in Sociology Department of Sociology University of Rajasthan Jaipur India Vol NoX December 2006

14. Poverty , Starvation and Disease : Imperial Economic Policy vis-a vis Pre-1857 Indian Economy ; Literature , Nation and Revolution pub. Dept of English Dayanand College ,Ajmer 2006

15.Mapping Stakeholders in a lodging industry :An Analysis published  by  2st Biennial CESBM International Conference  MDS university Ajmer ( Abstract Publication)2007

16. Moving Forward for Tourism Development : New Dimensions and Synergy Programme ;Lyncean  Journal of Culture and Historical Studies  Vol 1 Issue 1 January 2008