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Alpha Kappa Psi
-Omega Lambda Chapter-
at Georgetown University

      Welcome to the Omega Lambda chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, the premier developer of principled business leaders, and Georgetown’s only professional business fraternity. While still a young chapter, we hold the timeless values of brotherhood, knowledge, service, integrity, and unity not just as characteristics to be revered but as cornerstones to an honorable life. Moreover, these are ideals in which our members eternally strive for perfection, and are specifically keys to success in Banking, Commerce, Accounting, and Law.

    While we share common qualities with all chapters, such as our firm belief in the fraternity’s values, we also embrace and thrive on the uniqueness of our own chapter. We take pride in our ability to combine camaraderie and fun with a serious work ethic. We wear our suits and tank tops with similar satisfaction and manage to combine elements of both into each of our events. An essential component of any great organization is balance, which we have come to epitomize through our variety of interests. We attack apathy with the same force that a torch defeats the darkness of night-- confident that we know how to throw a party, plan philanthropic events, and raise money as well as any organization because of the extraordinarily talented individuals that comprise our brotherhood.

    We appreciate you visiting our site, and feel free to view everything we offer on it. Moreover, if you have any questions, please contact one of our Executive Board members, or email gu.akpsi@gmail.com.


Handlin Duley

President, Class of 2013