Welcome to my "personal" page. My official page is here


E-mail:     anirban dot kundu dot cu at gmail dot com (preferred)
                akphy at caluniv dot ac dot in

Tel:          +91 33 2360 7854

Postal:      Department of Physics, University of Calcutta
                92 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Kolkata 700009, India

E-mail, if possible, is the best option. However, I never open .exe attachments (those mails invariably end up in the spam bin). I generally do not open any MS-Word attachment (.doc, .docx, .ppt, etc). Try pdf, plain text, or odt. 

I am not in a position to accept any graduate student at least till 2019. Please do not send mails with such a request. 

I cannot arrange accommodation for any summer students. Those applying for summer programmes must arrange their own accommodation somehow. 

For my students:

Either contact me directly at my office, or mail me. 
Never send a recommendation request unless (i) you can give me at least 3-4 working days; (ii) I have a copy of your CV; (iii) you have attended at least 75% of my classes and have appeared at all the class tests (for the M.Sc. students). 

If you want to be a good theoretical physicist, look at this page by Gerard 't Hooft.
Sidney Coleman's lectures on QFT are here, and here are the inimitable Feynman lectures, online.