Coring in the North Atlantic


In July-August 1998 we sailed from St. Johns, NewFoundland to Reykjavic, Iceland on board the research vessel Knorr, collecting gravity and multi-cores from sediment drifts in the North Atlantic. Chief Scientist Gerard Bond subsequently discovered in these cores important pieces of evidence linking ocean circulation and climate with solar activity. During the four week cruise we came within two miles of Greenland, and crossed the Arctic Circle north of Iceland.


The Knorr docked in St. Johns, NewFoundland

Chief Scientist Gerard Bond (center) with Knorr captain (right) and Danish observer (left)

Tom Koutavas and Christy Reed processing a multicore

Deployment of gravity core

Peter deMenocal cutting a gravity core


Gravity core being sectioned


Core sections carried off for splitting

Core splitting

Split core section being inspected

Fire drill

High seas on the way to Greenland

Tom Koutavas after 30 days at sea

Coring offshore Iceland


Dan McCorkle, Rusti Lotti and Gerard Bond examining a split core

Icelandic desert