Wayland, MA

Going west with our two older grandsons has been a dream of mine for years. Now we're going to do it. The four of us will be squeezed in like sardines in our Volvo V-60 station wagon with two Thule boxes on top. One box is bigger, hence the nicknames "Bertha" and "Minnie." The car's moniker is "Sardy," short for "sardine tin."

Kieran & Aidan 2012

We've trained hard for this trip, starting in 2011, with a hike with Aidan and Kieran to the AMC Hut at Lonesome Lake. We stepped it up every year - Mizpah Springs, then Greenleaf, then Lakes of the Clouds, then the Knife Edge and last year along the Presidential Range (Lakes and Madison), where we literally got blown off the mountain.

Knife Edge 2015

Margie and I are picking up the boys (now 12 and 14) in Richmond VA and driving west to Charleston WV, Cincinnati, Springfield IL, the Badlands, Black Hills, Custer's last stand, three day canoe trip on the Upper Missouri River with Lewis & Clark Adventures, Beartooth Pass, Cody WY, Yellowstone for a week and the Grand Tetons for another week. All four of us love history, hiking, America and the great outdoors, and we will be getting almost six weeks of it.

We'll take turns posting our highlights and impressions to this blog, and Margie will be posting photos periodically to Facebook. So, if you want to follow us, get dialed in. This blog covers our trip from Richmond, VA to Cody, Wyoming. A second blog https://sites.google.com/site/akmtyellowstonetetons/home  covers Yellowstone and a third blog  https://sites.google.com/site/akmtjourneytetons/ covers the Tetons.