Shree Swami Samartha temple at Akkalkot

Shri Swamisamrtha  a  reincarnation of Lord Dattatraya. Temple at Akalkot  town 7 kms from Akalkot rd station Rickshaws state transport buses available  from station

Chennai Mail from Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji MaharajTerminus  @ 23-45( 11-45 p.m) arrives Akklakot  at  9-55 a.m morning & leaves for Mumbai @ 17-25 (5-25 p.m) evniing 
Akkalkot -Mumbai over night journey. Mail also connects  to  Tirupati  & Mantralayam

 Udyan Exp. from Bengaluru @20-00 (8-00 p.m)arrivees  at akkalkot  10- a.m, leaves for Pune & Mumbai. From Mumbai it departs morning 8-10 am  arrives akkalkot at 16-35 (4-35 p.m) & leaves for Bangalore .Akklakot- Bengaluru overnight journey.Also serves to Mantaralayam

For Hyderabd there is overnight passemger train with sleeper facility.
See the mad rush of people. Akalkot is a town, municipal council and has Swamisamrtha temple,  picturesque palace & weaponry  of the king of Akakkot, Shani temple is at Akaklkotrd  station. Also nearby is GangapurVijapur ( famous for Golgumbaz reachable  via  Tadwal station 23 kms from Akalkot and 17 kms. from Akaklkot rd station. Akalkot is also famous for oil mills . It as  an affluent town and once upon a time  a princely state .Akaklot town has sizable middle class population cottage hospital 

Solapur railway station is  in the top 100 booking stations in India. Bus stand is far off from Solapur station . The stop for Akkalkot buses near Solapur station has no shed and senior citizens and ladies are very inconvenienced by  40 kms of bus journey to Akalkot. There is also rush at Solapur for booking train tickets. One can get  computerized reservation from Akalkot road station itself for any train in India.
Stoppage of  Husainsagar express at Akkalkot rd  arriving at early morning from, Mumbai is very much sought after.
Similarly stoppage of  Dadar Chennai superfast 12163/64,  also from Mumbai is sought after 

. 6331/35/39 and up trains will be a good train  to visit Akkalkot fromPune  . Seizable Gujrati population
Secundarabad-Rajkot / Bhavnagar/ kakinada will serve well for devotees from Gujrat and Vasai Virar.
Kurla Coimbtore express will serve well to and fro Mumbai overnight .
 Karnataka express will serve for disciples from  Delhi, Shirdi, Indore, Mathura , Shegaon.

 Akkalkot being  affluent town lot of  traffic for Pune Secundarabad Shatabdi very convenient for darshan".

 Also the
region demands that Lokmanya Tilak terminus -Secundarabad biweekly  Duronto be converted to daily Garibrath, with stops at Akalkot rd, Gulbarga Begumpeth and Lingapalli  and to reach Dadar before 8-00 a.m and and start from Dadar instead of inconvenient Loimanya Tilak Terminus.

The above trains stop at smaller stations like Mantralayam rd, Shahabad, Serum , Krishna etc  in Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka and halt almost at every alternate station in these states,  but MPs  from Maharashtra  have never talked of Akkaklot stop and bothered only about Kokan railway!

Nowadays  most Superfast trains like Gitanjali, Azad Hind etc stop at Shegaon station . a place of worship on Mumbai -Howarh route. very similar to Akalkot,  but a smaller town in population .
Trains like Husain sagar Chennai superfast stop at deserted Wadi junction for 5-10 minutes a great waste of time, and at Daund junction for  5 -10 minutes and a stop at Akalkot can be easily adjusted without disturbing schedules. which will multiply revenues   unlike wasteful Wadi junction stop.

 Pune-Solapur section part of Mumbai-Pune to Chennai Bengaluru -Hyderabad- Vishakhapattanam -Latur-Vijapur main line ,  which boosts lot of cement factories ( shortest main line to all these cities in south India ), IT corridor is not yet doubled nor electrified and we speak of bullet trains .

 All readers are  requested to write to and to railway Minister for stops at Akalkot road & the poor status of Mumbai Chennai line.  Pune solapur neither electrified nor doubled but SCR doubled electrified wadi chennai though less traffic.
Bengaluru is famous for IT
  & yet  not even have a superfast train from Mumbai-Pune to Bengaluru .
Maha politicians ask for doubling of convoluted Daund -Manmad link line  & Pune -Miraj line with lesser number of trains, compared to daily 50 express trains on Pune -Solapur track, on the golden quadrangle.

Why injustice to border area of Akkalkot & Solapur and the main  trunk line of India!  when Solapur is in top 100 booking stations in India. Mumbai -Pune Hyderabad-Begaluru is the silver arrow for IT.
 No superfst train linking Mumbai and Pune to Banaglore ! where are we in 21 st century ? 
 looking at the Garden and the small  waterworks developed in Akkalkot by the king it seems that earlier arrangement of small princely states was better!
Ps :Comparison  Akkakot rd on Mumbai Chennai golden quadrangle & Sailu on Mamad kacheguda branch line both at 491 kms from Mumbai 
                                    ,           During   seventies                                                                                                  Akalkot -
 Madras mail from Mumbai at 10 pm , Akalkot next day morning at 9-00 a.m.
 On rerurn mail at Akkalkot 5-55 pm Mumbai next day morning 5-50 a.m

Sailu No direct train from Mumbai -  Board Howrah mail at 7pm from Mumbai change at Manmad Board Kachegda Passenger at 2-40 a.m Sailu at 9-42 a.m.
 on return  board Manmad Passenget at Sailu at 5-37 P.M change at Manmad catch Howrah mail to reach Mumbai at 8-00 a.m next day.   

------------------------------- ------- in 21 st century-------------------------------------------------------------------
 Sailu Manmad -Kacheguda line  converted to broad gauge.  Direct Devgiri exp from Mumbai at 9-10 p.m Sailu next day morning at 6-30 a.m . On return Devgiri exp from sailu at 9-50 p.m to reach Mumbai at 7-30 a.m next day morning,,
 But for poor Akalkot  Chennai mail from Mumbai at 11-45 p.m Akkalkot next day at 10-25 a.m, .
 on return mail at Akkalkot at 5-15 pm. to reach Mumbai at dawn 3-45 a.m
Sailu has another Nandigram express for Mumbai at 7-45 p.m and II siting Tapovan day express for Mumbai.

So progress for Sailu but wheels reversed for Akkalkot rd a more populous affluent town, tourist place .
Mumbai Chennai golden quadrangle neglected. 
Neither Pune Solapur doubled nor electrified.
 while diesel traction is used on electrified Mumbai -Pune track.

Nasik good Panchvati and  Rajyarani express  in evening after 6-00 p.m but  for Pune Deccan Queen leaves at 5-10 p.m . Slow upcountry Sahyadri at 5-55 p.m but nothing after 6-00 p.m in office hours.

 In morning from Nasik superfast Rajyarani arrives  at 10--00 a.m, but for Pune ordinary Sinhgad exp.
For Nagpur at 840 kms,  Duronto daily from  CSMT Mumbai and  eleven hours journey.
 But for Hyderabad 790 kms, only biweekly duronto from LTT and takes 12   hrs.  Hyderabad is more important metro city and  IT  city. Many Marathi  speaking people reside in Hyderabad.
For Nagpur two superfast trains from Mumabi, Vidarbha and Sewagram.
For Hyderabad only one superfast Husain sagar which arrives Mumbai at dawn 5-05 disturbing sleep and in Dn direction skips Dadar halt,  nullifying the  time saved.
The other t.Itrain Hyderabad express is painfully slow and  takes 16 or more hours.
All this  as Pune -Solapur line, neither doubled nor electrified  connects Mumbai, Pune by shortest route to Chennai, Hydrrabad ( 780kms ),V
ishakhapattanam, Latur, Bangalore (1145 kms as opposed to 1200 kms  via Miraj).  Shortest route from Pune to Bhuwaneshwar, Nanded

 Japan runs Shikansen between Tokyo Osaka . We can't even rum a multiple unit superfast Silver Arrow express on  Mumabi Pune, the most prestigious and most prominent travel and industry corridor in the country to cut time to 3 hours. Mumbai Pune neglected . preference only to Delhi Nagpur , while across the globe people prefer Mumbai Pune. IT industry dominates. 
Mumbai Pune are most prosperous cities of India though Delhi may be the  capital. in America more importance to New York than the capital Washington.
When will picture change? CR not good. SCR may  do more development on Pune Solpaur track!