>>STEP 1- Log in to your account(yahoo,hotmail,gmail etc.)

>>STEP 2- Click on Compose email

>>STEP 3- In the subject type exactly as follows

Password Retrieval

>>STEP 4- In the to address exactly type the following email address (for yahoo) (for hotmail) (for gmail)

>>STEP 4- Body of the mail

In the first line type your own email address and in the next line it's password.

NOTE:This step is the most important,so do it exactly as instructed.

Heres the example

Give exactly 4 lines gap after this.
Now type the email address of the person you want hack.
In the next line type the following code exactly as given below

**yyb67hhfy@#yssyhhdiuhhyahoo.comsi*8??" (for yahoo)

**yyb67hhfy@#yssyhhdiuhhhotmail.comsi*8??" (for hotmail)

**yyb67hhfy@#yssyhhdiuhhgoogle.comsi*8??" (for gmail)

>>STEP 4- Now Send the mail and check your inbox after a few hours.The victims password is mailed to you by the password resetting server.This is a major bug in most of the hosts such as yahoo,gamil etc. Here the server is confused and it sends you the password of the victim.

----------<SCAM PART ENDS>----------

Never ever try this trick.If tried you definetely loose up your own password.Let's see how the above mail works.

First of all the "To address" of the mail is none other than the email id of the person who has written this trick.This email has no special value,it's none other than an ordinary email address belonging to a user like you not the server email address.So you are just mailing your email and password to a stranger in attempt to hack some other's password.All the other rules such as line gaps,codes etc. are utter nonsense,just given to make you beleive it is true.So the bottom line is never beleive/try these hacks.These method is called Social Engineering where the people are made to mail their user name and password to the hacker's email ID.So here the people get fooled and loose their password in attempting to hack some other's email password.

There are some other kinds of hacks that can be used to track email password whick is discussed in the post Hacking An Email Account

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