Publications and research interests


  • A. Kirshtein, M. Tournus, L. Berlyand, I. Aronson,  Behaviour of a bacterium
    with bending flagellum in a shear flow
    //(in preparation)
  • P.P.Matus, A. A.Kirshtein, U. A. Irkhin,  Exact difference schemes for the system
    of acoustic equations and analysis of Riemann problem
    //Journal of Numerical and Applied Mathematics, No. 2, 2011, pp.83-97
    A. A.Kirshtein   Decay of an arbitrary discontinuity in hyperbolic PDE systems (in Russian),
    //Proceedings of the National Scientific Conference "NIRS-2011", Minsk, p.69

Current research direction

Singularities in Hyperbolic PDEs, Mathematical Modeling in Biology

Research interests

PDE analysis and computations, hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, mathematical modelling in biology, fluid dynamics, finite difference schemes, applications of exact difference schemes.