Skin disorders in their various forms are among the most common diseases suffered by mankind, accounting for no less than 20% of all cases in outpatient departments in the Western world. Because the affects of skin disorders are so visible, afflicted individuals often suffer from psychological anguish. Feelings of insecurity and social discomfort are common.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a very important and significant role to play in addressing the widest range of such conditions, particularly the chronic cases that prove so difficult to manage satisfactorily in biomedicine.

Dermatology is a field in which Traditional Chinese Medicine is highly regarded. Proficiency in this area, however, requires specialized knowledge. David Cosgrave proprietor of Alaska Integrative Medicine (AIM ) is fully trained to address a variety of skin disorders and has successfully operated three Skin Clinics in his home country, Ireland.

At AIM, Chinese Herbals and Acupuncture are the main modalities used to address dermatological conditions such as Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, and Psoriasis, Lichen Simplex, Rosacea, Urticaria and Warts.