The Foot, like the Ear and other body parts is a Microsystem of the body. Thus both the Physical and the Energetic qualities of the body are projected onto the ear. For example the Vagus nerve which innervates 13 organs in the body is reflected onto the Conchae of the ear.

The use of a specialized massage to the foot, focusing on Reflex Zones, that helps promote blood circulation. Reflexology is a popular form of therapy to help keep the body in good working order, thus it is not only used to treat existing conditions but can be used to identify possible developing issues and is used as a form of Prevention. It is also used to address complaints such as tinnitus, headache, stress, diarrhea, and Raynaud’s Disease.
David received his training in Chinese Reflexology from Dr. Zang in Nanjing China. She compared the foot to the root of a tree.
There are 60 reflection areas on the foot. There is a relationship between the areas on the foot and the organs of the body. Disease can be treated relative the nerve terminals in the foot.

David combines his training in Irish Physical Therapy, Massage, Twina, Acupressue to give a unique style of Reflexology.
Generally each foot takes about 20 minutes. Total treatment about 40 minutes