What to expect at a Medical Massage Appointment

Upon arrival, our front office staff will collect the patient’s information, the physician’s prescription (not always necessary) that includes the diagnosis and verify the patient’s insurance coverage (insurance not necessary). On the initial session, involves an evaluation and treatment. From the above information the therapist establishes a Treatment Plan. A brief re-assessment occurs on every follow-up session. This will allow the therapist to chart the progress of the patient. Information is kept in S.O.A.P. note format. At the end of the physician’s prescribed treatment a progress report will be sent to the physician. The patient is strongly encouraged to follow all of the prescribing physician’s advice and have a follow-up reevaluation with the prescribing physician.

The patient may or may not need to undress, depending on the technique the therapist wishes to use. If the patient does need to remove clothing, the patient will be given privacy to do so. During the treatment, the patient’s body is usually covered, with the exception of the area to be treated. In medical and sports massage, running shorts are recommended in most cases and for women a tube top or sports bra is also recommended.

A massage bodywork session usually begins with relatively gentle pressure to calm the nervous system and begin releasing superficial tension. The therapist gradually works more deeply to address specific areas. Specific medical massage techniques are used depending on the diagnosis and treatment protocol. Techniques may include myofascial release, joint mobilization and therapeutic exercise.

A typical treatment takes from 45-60 minutes. However, the first visit which includes the evaluation usually lasts from 90-120 minutes The patient usually leaves feeling refreshed and often reports having a noticeable improvement in their major complaint.