Jobs and Responsibilites in the corps

Here is a partial list of those who hold jobs, their job, rank, and squadron.
Under Chain of Command, you can find job descriptions, and of course: the chain of command
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Senior Enlisted Advisor A. Hess C/CMsgt. N/A 
Operations Officer J. Dobson C/Lt Col. N/A 
Corps CC R. Franco C/Col. N/A 
Vice CC L. Montgomery C/Lt. Col N/A 
Inspector General L. Ortiz C/2nd Lt. N/A 
Finance B. Sandoval C/1st Lt. Squadron 1 
Special Projects J. Strange C/2nd Lt. Squadron 1 
Tracker M. Peterson  N/A Squadron 1 
Facilities  J. Colmernarez C/2nd Lt. Squadron 1 
Squadron 1 CC. I. Loyd C/CMSgt. Squadron 1 
Director of Data and Automation J. Coxe C/1st Lt. Squadron 1 
Administrator  F. Ramirez C/SMSgt. Squadron 1 
Logistics A. James C/1st Lt. Squadron 1 
Echo Flight Commander B. Corona C/Capt. Squadron 2 
Squadron 2 CC. E. Munoz C/ Cpt. Squadron 2 
Foxtrot Flight Commander D. Atkins N/A Squadron 2 
Alpha Flight Commander U. Martinez N/A Squadron 2 
Charlie Flight Commander J. Colmenarez C/2nd Lt. Squadron 2 
Delta Flight Commander M. Ramirez N/A Squadron 2 
Bravo Flight Commander E. Munoz C/Capt. Squadron 2 
Saber Team Commander B. Jarret C/1st Lt. Squadron 3 
Color Guard N. Diaz-Weaver C/1st Lt. Squadron 3 
Drill Team Commander B. Corona & N. Ortiz C/Capt & C/2nd Lt. Squadron 3 
Male P.T. Team Commander S. Saucedo N/A Squadron 3 
Squadron 3 CC. N. Diaz-Weaver C/1st Lt. Squadron 3 
Female P.T. Team Commander M. Peterson N/A Squadron 3 
K.H.A.S. Z. Trevino N/A Squadron 3 
Spirit Team Commander A. Jennings C/SMSgt Squadron 3 
Flag Detail J. Fahlund C/2nd Lt. Squadron 4 
Photograghy I. Strange C/SSgt Squadron 4 
Public Affairs T. Morones C/CMSgt Squadron 4 
A.P.T L. Scott C/CMSgt. Squadron 4 
Community service L. Barges C/MSgt. Squadron 4 
Aerospace M. Robbins N/A Squadron 4 
Cultural Affairs C. McCardel C/TSgt. Squadron 4 
Recruiting D. Tristan & R.Castillo C/2nd Lt. & C/2nd Lt. Squadron 4 
Academic Advisor T. Hernandez C/MSgt Squardon 3 
Showing 37 items
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