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Akili Dada Mentoring Sessions Sept/Oct 2011

Are you a professional woman working in Kenya? Are there lessons you wish you had known in your teenage years that you would like to pass on to the next generation? Are you ready to open up your heart to a young woman and share your life and career experiences? Would you like to participate in charitable giving but don't have the time to make all the arrangements yourself? Are you looking to give to a transparent and internationally recognized Kenyan organization? If so, consider joining Akili Dada's growing network of mentors.

Our mentors recognize the value of learning from others. They are women who have received mentoring and support throughout their life that helped get them where they are today. These generous women are willing to pay it forward and invest in the next generation of girls.

There are two ways to become an Akili Dada mentor:
1. The least time intensive is to participate in our annual leadership conference and make a modest donation to shop for the basic personal needs of our scholars. This is a commitment of only one day/year and about Ksh 6000/year. 

2. The most desired level of involvement is to commit to visiting a scholar once per term, attending the annual conference, and making a donation towards the scholar's personal shopping. In total this is a commitment of four days/year and about Ksh 6000/year.
There are many benefits to serving as an Akili Dada mentor, including:

- Access to a network of like-minded professional women who are working in Kenya
- Access to exclusive job and fellowship announcements from around the world that are carefully selected to fit our mentor profiles
- Exclusive mentor-only events designed to enrich on both a personal and professional level. 
Our mentor-only workshops, speakers, and networking events will empower you to take your life and career to the next level!
If you would like to mentor an Akili Dada scholar, please download and submit an application. Completed applications and all questions should be directed to purity@akilidada.org.

Mentor Only Event at Safaricom