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Reel funni stuff..... i tink, but if you're missing a corpus thing in your brain, just turn around......




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Funny Stuff



Some Jokes that, sadly, you must read :(

American Military Intelligence

Eight Idiots

Some True Headlines

50 Things to do at W@lM@rt

Lots of People Die: Sadly, your next


 Lucky For You I have pictures to, none are mine

Spare Car

Back Up Printer

Fake iPod

George Bin Ladin


Some Videos and Phone Pranks, hot stuffs....  (Cant say kool due to a couple of people b****in like A***t)

Video - Jimmy Kimmel Live Unnecassary Censorship

Phone Prank - Chinese Food Take Away

Phone Prank - A Few Good Men

Video Prank - Glass Door Push

Yusuf Rolling Down a Hill - Quicktime .3gp

Sumbody Chasing Ducks - Quicktime .3gp