Mr. Blankenship Science

Mr. Blankenship Science
Science - week of Dec 10 - Dec 14

In Chapter 2, students turn their attention to a new question after they learn that the thrusters exerted the same strength force as thrusters on other ACM pods—Why did this pod that failed to dock move differently? Students explore the relationship between force, mass, and velocity in hands-on experiments, explorations of the Force and Motion Simulation, and by reading an article about designing wheelchairs for different purposes. Students learn that equal forces cause greater changes in velocity for objects with less mass. Students explain that the thrusters firing could have caused the pod to move in the opposite direction if the pod was less massive, or the thrusters firing could have caused the pod to slow down but not stop, leading to a collision with the space station, if it was more massive.

CW : Force and Motion 2.5
HW:  None

CW: Force and Motion 2.5
HW: None

In Chapter 3, students learn that the space station is also moving as a result of the collision, and they need to determine how fast the pod is moving compared to the space station. This will help the USA decide if they can retrieve the pod. Students read an article about collisions and conduct collision experiments on their desks and in the Sim. These activities help them reason through the characteristics of forces in collisions. Students learn that in a collision, a force is exerted on all the objects involved. These forces are equal in strength, but push in opposite directions. Finally, students synthesize concepts from all three chapters to conclude that a collision affects objects differently when their masses are unequal. By the end of the chapter, students explain that when the pod collided with the space station, the equal and opposite forces caused a small change in velocity for the more massive space station, and a greater change in velocity for the less massive pod. They conclude that the pod is moving much faster than the space station. The purpose of this chapter is for students to understand that forces in collisions are of equal strength, but push in opposite directions, and the effects are different for objects of unequal mass.

CW: Force and Motion 3.1
HW: None

CW: Force and Motion 3.1
HW: None

Force and Motion 3.2
HW: None

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