Your Valuable Heritage:

“It is my goal to align my talents to each and every client that I work with! Together we can spark inspiration, compassion, and the will to reflect something great to be handed down to the future of our existence!”

-April Olsen, Your Family Investigator

The Beginning…

Family heritages go far beyond genealogy! Each and every person is a part of history in some way, this includes previous family generations…

Find out how your family had an impact on history!

I started on this venture to connect people to the very essence of where they came from. I utilize breathtaking pictures of battlefields, historical sites, and family memorabilia. With these pictures goes the story of you, your family, your great grandparents, and what they did to shape how the history books were written.

From timeless love stories to trials and tribulations, capture your family’s true story for generations to come!

All projects are done on a very large scale.

This is truly an in-depth family investment to reveal the stories of multiple generations spanning back as far as written records will allow. Included in this full investigation is travel to international sites to photograph and document your family’s history. This is especially beneficial if you have relatives in foreign countries.

From Depression to Depression…

There is also history still living! I also travel to wherever you have elderly relatives to capture the history of the last century! Also preserved with your elderly relatives will be precious family memories handed down from their parents. There can be many stories to be passed down, spanning multiple generations!  Capture them before they are gone!



Please thoroughly read through this website and the links on the right hand side before making a decision!  This is a large family investment!