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1.   Mathematical Formulas Notebook. Download Here.
2.   An article I wrote about the golden mean & Fibunacci numbers.
      Download Here.
3.   The Song "Your Way" by Alon Karpen (based on "My Way").
      Download Here.
4.   The Picture-Movie I made of "Pluga B" after Bahad 1 - Enjoy!
      Download Here.
5.   The Song "Face to face" (Panim el mul panim) by Alon Karpen. 
      Download Here.

Links (Top Internet Sites)

1.   Egged Here.
2.   Israel Railway Here.
3.   Google Here.
4.   G-Mail Here.
5.   Wikipedia Here.
6.   Frank Sinatra's Page Here.
7.   Gap Minder Here.
8.   Mekusharim Here.
9.   Facebook Here.
10. Math Mafmar Page Here.
11. Youtube Here.
12. Download Youtube Videos Here.
13. Galgaltz Here.
14. Mishbetzet - Mathematic Books Here.


1.   Mathematics With Fun Here.
2.   Public Transportation In Israel (Tapuz Forum) Here
3.   Buses and only buses (Tapuz Comuna) Here.
4.   Mega Archive for Trains and Buses (Tapuz Comuna) Here.
5.   Public Transportation in Haifa (Tapuz Comuna) Here.