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Hand of the Week - 14 Sep

East passes and South should too.   West opens 1C and now North has to adjust.   They were going to open 1H but with 1C opened by West, North shouldn't just overcall 1H which should be 10-15 points.   Start with a double, intending to rebid hearts on the next round, showing 16+ points.   South now wakes up and shows the spades.   I'm not sure how high to bid this, 1S seems a bit timid, 2S shows a bit extra, but I quite like a jump straight to 4S (it has 7 losers).   After 1S or 2S North can just raise to 4S, slam seems unlikely, and if you bid hearts things may get confusing.   But if North does bid hearts South should raise to 4H.
The play is interesting.   Let's say South is in 4S, and West leads the ace of clubs.   You trump the lead and now lead the jack of spades, intending to finesse West for the king.   The king appears so you take the ace, queen and a third round back to hand.   The hearts look inviting.   We are missing four hearts, so if they break 3-1 we will have to lose one round, but then we'll need to get back to the North hand with the king of diamonds.   As it happens the hearts break 2-2, but did you unblock the 9 of hearts ?   If not you have to cash it and then go back with the king of diamonds.
In 4H you trump the club lead in dummy.   You have two more club losers, so you should delay drawing trumps and come back to hand with a spade to the ace, intending to ruff another club.  When the king of spades drops you change plans.   Now you don't need to trump any more clubs, you can use the spades for discards.   So two rounds of trumps and as they break 2-2 it's all over.  

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