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Hand of the Week - 2 Mar

South opens 1NT and West should double.   This is 16+
points, primarily penalty-oriented, so not for takeout.  
North passes and East has to be thoughtful.   With a good 9
points game is likely, vulnerable, for 600 points.  But if E-W can make game then South is going down in a heap in
1NTX, vulnerable.   200-500-800 so three light is better for
E-W than 600.   If E-W can make 9 tricks in 3NT then South
is only making 4 tricks.  Be brave and pass East !   If E-W
were non-vulnerable then two light would be good enough.  If N-S were non-vulnerable then E-W should bid game and take their 600.

Some of us have a system as N-S in this situation to wriggle out of the 1NTX danger.  The simple system is for North to bid a 5-card suit if they have one, or to Redouble with only
4-card suits.   Then South starts bidding 4-card suits
starting with the lowest ranked, and you stop when you reach
a 4-4 fit, or possibly just a decent 4-3 fit.   You probably
won't get doubled, and the opposition may come in to the
auction anyway.   The House of Cards reverse this wriggle,
redouble with a 5-card suit, South relays to 2C and then North passes or corrects to their long suit.

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