Stage 2 A man is known by the books he reads

Do you know why the young magicians in Hogwards enjoy reading books? They know that before the appearance of printing people appreciated books as treasure of the man’s knowledge and experience. Manuscripts were written for months, then were collected by and kept in the monasteries with great care. 
Nowadays the students of Hogwards can read any books they like. Some girls think that books are a source of emotional inspiration and romantic feelings. Boys are sure that when they read books they enrich their mind with knowledge. This knowledge will help them in different subjects. People who read many books are very clever. Besides, books are not only entertainment. They help students in self-education, and also to imagine the future, to look into the past. Books develop their intellect, their soul. The young magicians enjoy the beauty and wisdom of books which teach  to be kind and clever, brave and honest, to understand other people.

 Don't foget about The Magic Key! Maybe reading a book will help you to get You know what to make up The Magic Key!
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