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       After some time the prince set out for a new adventure. Unfortunately, the princess was taken away by the griffin. She was kept in an enchanted castle where many knights and ladies were transformed into birds and beasts.The king was crushed down by grief.
      Through many woods the prince passed, and came to the foot of a high mountain.When he had reached the top of the mountain he saw two fiery griffins fighting. 
       The prince was good at archery. He shot two arrows and killed the griffins. Then the enchantment was broken, and all the lords and ladies who had so long been transformed into birds and beasts returned to their proper shapes, and the castle vanished away in a cloud of smoke. 
        The prince and his beloved princess came back to the kingdom. The prince finished doing all the grammar drills. Then the prince and the princess got married. And they all lived happily ever after.

Task 1
and get a green prize.

Task 2
Do task-level 3
and get a red prize.

Task 3
Creative writing
“A good expression is always to the point,” speaks an old English proverb.
Write a short story about the princess and the prince using the following proverbs:
"Practice makes perfect", 
"The heart that once truly loves never forgets".

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