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          The princess complained the prince about the two-headed giant that had robbed the kingdom. The prince promised to find him.
          Once the prince made the best of his way by travelling but he lost his road. He found himself in a dark forest. The prince saw a large castle and saw a castle on the hill. He climbed up the hill and knocked at the gate. But what was his surprise when there came forth a monstrous giant with two heads. The prince claimed compensation for the loss.The giant took the prince on his shoulders and carried him towards the castle.
          His terror was only began, for, on entering the castle , he saw the heap of human bones. After that the giant  locked the prince in a chamber. The next day the giant said to the prince:"If you do all these grammar drills, I will release you." 
          The prince tried to do his best. Can you help him?


Task 1
Answer the let-pass question and do the quiz.
The quiz is presented in three levels. You can choose any level set from there.
Level 1 - Regular Verbs.
Level 2 - Urregular Verbs
Level 3 - English Tenses

Task 2
Creative writing
Write an advertisement which the princess wants people of the Kingdom to read. You can use funny ideas! 
Вставьте ссылку в таблицу "Форма для ответа на творческое задание".

Форма для ответа на творческое задание для игры GRAMMAR LAND