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         It was was a sunny day. The prince was sitting on the beach and doing grammar drills when he  heard a noise. It was a dragon and it was flying towards him.The prince felt the dragon's claws around his body and he was lifted into the sky. 
         Suddenly the prince had an idea. In his belt he had a knife. He pulled it out. The light which was reflected from the blade shone into  the dragon's eyes.  The dragon couldn't see because the light was blinding him. The prince pricked the claws that were holding him with his knife. They opened and the prince fell into the see. At that moment the dragon crashed into the cliff with a terrible noise. The prince swam to the shore. He saved himself!
         On the next day the prince was busy doing the princess's grammar tasks.

Task 1
Answer the let-pass question and do the task-level 1.

If you score a success, you'll get a yellow prize.

Task 2
Do the task-level 2 and get a green prize.

Task 3
Creative Writing
"Are you a princess?" he asked. And she answered:"I'm much more than a princess, but you don't have a name for it yet here
 on Earth.” Make comments on the dialogue, explain the meaning of the mysterious princess's words.
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