God's Fingerprints In Japan 1 & 2 (DVD)
God's Fingerprints In Japan 1 & 2 (DVD)

Also including new Special Features: Japanese Taiko Drum and Gospel Choir Fusion Music Video and Documentary, and an Interview with Rev. Hiroshi Ikeda of Hongodai Christ Church.

Japanese Taiko Drum

God's Fingerprints In Japan 2 (DVD)
2007 International Telly Award Winner!

2007 Telly Award Winner
Religious Film Category
This is the sequel to the 2005 International Telly Award Winning GOD'S FINGERPRINTS IN JAPAN which  has changed how we look at God and Christianity in Japan.

In this second edition we take a look at the difficulties that the Japanese people face today and how Christianity is beginning to be accepted as a way to find peace in life and as a way back to their ancient roots with their Creator God.

We also find out that there is evidence that Christian influences became embedded in Japanese culture at least 1000 years before western Christianity arrived. The Creator God has never left Japan and is waiting for His Japanese children to "come home" to Him. 

This is where hope and healing lie for the Japanese people as well as all of the people groups of the earth. Join us as we prepare to connect to our ancient roots through a relationship with Jesus Christ. >more

God's Fingerprints In Japan 1 (DVD)
2005 International Telly Award Winner!

2005 Telly Award Winner
Religious Film Category
Is there evidence of a creator in the culture and history of Japan?
Is the God of the bible the God of the Japanese people?

God’s Fingerprints in Japan is an internationally award winning documentary that reveals startling evidence and asks important questions about Japan and Christianity. Is there evidence of the Creator God in Japanese history and culture? Is there a connection between the Tea Ceremony and Communion? Is it contradictory to be Japanese and a follower of Jesus? Find out in this groundbreaking documentary.

One of the most progressive and thought provoking videos in years, this program has created a huge debate within the Christian community. Many people and ministries in and outside of Japan have begun to use this documentary to show the Japanese people that God has never left them or forsaken them. For many people, this video stirs up something deep within them that liberates them and releases them to know Christ in a much more intimate way. >more

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