Planning for Accessibility

Introduction to the accessibility planning process and accessibility matters in higher-education.

A Review of the Legal Landscape of Accessibility in Higher Education
This review of recent legal cases and laws outlines the importance of accessible online materials in federally and state-funded universities, and may help guide and educate your staff and stakeholders.

Accessibility Implementation Plan Template
Final formal Accessibility Plan for the UAA TAPESTRY Program. User notes are included for further use as a template for other programs or departments.
Accessibility Implementation Plan Example

Accessibility Inventory Template
Workbook inventory of the TAPESTRY Program's course and public electronic materials. This inventory is used to produce the "gap analysis" section of the Accessibility Implementation Plan. This inventory should be collected again as a follow-up at the halfway point milestone to help gauge effectiveness and change. User notes are included in the column headers.
Accessibility Inventory Example

Accessibility Needs/Attitudes Survey
A survey that can be administered to staff at the beginning of the accessibility planning process. This survey will be administered again as a follow-up at the halfway-point milestone to help gauge effectiveness and change. Created in UAA's Qualtrics. Please contact me for access to the results or to copy the survey to your account.

Alaska Accessibility Matters Online Community
An online community of proactive people sharing resources and discussions around accessibility issues in Alaska. Participate in this community for further exposure to resources, training opportunities, and like-minded individuals.

Accessibility Resources
Compilation of online training and resources.

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