Congratulations! And welcome to Betafax Corporation!

We are a San Francisco based multinational widget technology company with offices across the globe. It is our pleasure to offer you a position in our four week immersive internship program. Twice a week you will come to our offices for approximately two to three hours. While here we will have you complete a series of projects. These projects will represent the type of work done by our regular employees. The goal behind this program is to see if you are ready for a full time position at Betafax while helping us grow at the same time.

The tasks that we will ask you to complete will vary widely from building databases, writing memos, creating executive presentations, and even doing a little bit of programming. All of us here fully understand that you may not currently possess many of the skills needed and that's okay. Each of your projects will have step-by-step instructions with links to additional resources. Additionally, your managers will be on-site each day to help you out along the way.

At the end of each week one of your managers will provide you with feedback in following categories:
  1. What is going well.
  2. What needs work.
  3. What do you need from us?
When the program concludes your managers will gather together to discuss whether or not we would like to bring you on in a full-time capacity. Either way, we'll provide you with feedback about how you did over the four week internship.

One thing to keep in mind is that we're not looking for the smartest people or who does the best work but instead who shows the most motivation and eagerness to learn new things.