Sebastian Matthais


 Sebastian Matthais

DOB: February 14, 1999

Main (520) 233-3701

Fax (520) 876-5519

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Weight: 71 lbs

Height: 4 ft 5 in




 Are You Kidding Me? Television NBC

Brad Rettele/Michael Canter - Director

NBC/Fremantle Media/Tribune Sd

Recurring Player 

Magnificent Max Short Film

Jack Price - Director

USC Production

Day Player 

Disneyland Commercial

Jerry Pope - Director

2 Popes Production Co. with Disney/Pixar Entertainment Co.

Extra child

Pigeon John "Freaks"

Music Video

Paul "Coy" Allen - Director

Midas Entertainment

LEAD Child - Pigeon John as a child

Converse Shoes Commercial

Tammie Childress - Director

Wrenchhead Productions

Featured child

Buddah Butts Print - Catolog

Angela Beach - Designer

Buddha Butts Clothing Line

Featured Model

The Monster at the end of this Book

Short Film

Colin Follenweider - Director

SolarWind Entertainment, Inc.

Featured child

Herman Dune Music Video

Toben Seymour - Director

Commondeer Production Co.

Principal child


Improvisation, Cold-Reading, Acting, On-Camera, Audition Technique with acting Coach Terry Ross (2006)