Artūras Juodis, University of Amsterdam

NWO Veni Research Grant (2018-2022):

  • Grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research to conduct the project "We do not live in a bubble: economic shocks in misspecified panel data models"

  • Panel Data Workshop 26 November, 2021. Link

  • Workshop on Specification and Mis-specification Analysis in Cross-section and Panel Data. September 16-17, 2022. More information will follow.

Research interests:

    • Panel Data Models (Genuine and Pseudo)

    • Factor Models, Regularization

    • Quantile and Distributional Regressions

    • Weak Identification

Scheduled talks:

    • BI Norwegian Business School (September, 2022)

    • Tinbergen Institute Econometrics Worskhop (November, 2022)