Conference Schedule



8:00am:  Breakfast

9:30am:  Introduction and welcome

10:00am:  Practices

Styles of Causal Thought

  • Jack Katz, University of California, Los Angeles

Ethnography for Uncle Max

Stranger and Stranger:  Incorporation, Socialization, Connection, and Ethnographic Authority

Discussant: Kristen Schilt, University of Chicago

Moderator: Karin Knorr Cetina, University of Chicago


12:00pm:  Lunch


1:00pm:  Ethnography vis-à-vis other methods

Direct Observation and Causal Inference: The Function and Practice of Participant Observation in The Positivist-Behavioral Tradition

Where the Action Is: Ethnography and Causality in the Study of Culture

  • Daniel Dohan, University of California, San Francisco, Corey Abramson, University of California, Berkeley, and Susan Miller, University of California, San Francisco 

Beyond Text: Using Arrays of Ethnographic Data to Identify Causes and Construct Narratives

Discussant: Kathleen Cagney, University of Chicago

Moderator:  Andreas Glaeser, University of Chicago


3:00pm:  Break


3:30pm:  Processes and mechanisms

      Causality in Sequences of Action and Interpretation: An Ethnographic Study of Emerging Activist Groups

Consequences in Action:  A Pragmatist Approach to Causality in Ethnography   

Discussant: James Mahoney, Northwestern

Moderator: Forrest Stuart, University of California, Los Angeles


5:00pm: Break for the day



 7:30am:  Breakfast

 9:00am:  Epistemological issues

Critical Realist Ethnography

Interpretation and Explanation in Ethnography:  A Pragmatist Approach 

Discussant: Christopher Winship, Harvard University

Moderator:  Mario Small, University of Chicago

10:30am:  Break

11:00am:  Analytical ethnography?

Ethnographic Analytics: Mechanisms, Causes, and Theory Generation in Ethnography 

Ethnography, Epistemology, and Counterfactual Causality

Discussant: David Harding, University of Michigan

Moderator: Omar McRoberts, University of Chicago


10:30am:  Break


12:30pm  Concluding remarks


12:45pm  Box lunches