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The Flat House

Warm and snug like a bug being hugged
All neat and tidy hidden under the rug 
And despite the early pitfalls you’re finally in!
Perched on your new sofa with a big cheesy grin

No longer do you need a camp fire and guitar
To huddle round at night, singing Kumbaya
You can relax and so can I, amenities are go!
How you survived those first nights I’ll never know

For your wise choice of abode, I must thank you dearly
In your heart you always wanted me, clearly
Never a frown or scorn from me when you enter, but a smile
And in return I do hope that you will stay a while

But please look after me as well as can be
I'm in a fragile state from previous tenants you see
My walls have turned all mouldy and green
I couldn't look myself in the mirror, I was completely obscene

Before you appeared I was struggling with my lot in life
Being neither a flat nor a house leads to some serious strife
The confused struggle soon wears you down
But that’s all behind me, now you've come to town

You've restored my confidence albeit not my wall
Once again this Flat House can indeed stand tall
I'm beaming with delight inside and out
I want to open my windows and joyously shout

So please lift a glass and make sure it has a coaster
To your exciting new Flat House, let’s raise a toaster
May you be blissfully happy here, it’s long overdue
But with me as your base, you can make your dreams come true

A J Mallen