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A New Beginning

Darkness has once again awoken
As words of woe have been sorely spoken
Love is forlorn, it has no place here,
Close, far, or anywhere near
Bolt the locks and deprive the light
My eyes and soul grow black as night
Loneliness creeps from his dormant den
Sorrow flows from a bleeding pen
Oh heavy heart stop keeping time
You keep only to the beat of foolish rhyme

Alas another tomorrow draws near
One I neither wish to see nor hear
Displace this feeling, set me free
Beat me round the head with a Christmas tree
Tie my tongue and my shoe laces together
So I trip over my own words forever
Torture me with anything but guilt
Until your final tears have been spilt
If it means your closure is due
I'll endure whatever you need to do

You'll soon realise that nothing's lost
For a new beginning, it's worth the cost
For endless is life, eternal is love
Our friendship strong, like a turtle dove
Though we part for now in some ways
Closer we may grow in later days
However time must for now be paused
To find a remedy for the damage caused
Although more sand than you wish, may escape
It's work cannot be measured by any mortal tape

Keep smiling my dear, keep your eyes open wide
I know it's hard when time's a pain in your side
But time holds phoenix tears to soothe your pain
Allow them to shower you like a light rain
As the phoenix dies, it's reborn fresh and new
To start a new life that's long overdue
That day the world will appear a whole new vision
Clarity will strike you with fine precision
Your sense of purpose will rest no more
Inspiration beckons to finish that half written score

Alas keep your heart open and your eyes bright
So you can embrace the incredible new light
Chase your dreams, make them real
Lose no time to this mere ordeal
Brush aside the cobwebs of doubt
Bury them in a suitcase and throw them out
Leave your fears shipwrecked with nowhere to go
Paving the way for happiness to grow
Begin a journey in tune with your own sound
For that's where your new beginning can be found

A J Mallen