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Dearly Departed

In loving memory of Kathryn Smith (Atkinson)

You’ve stolen an angel from us too soon you insolent ghoul
No thought of loved ones to whom you’ve been so cruel
Could not Time's gentle hands for this task been sought
Instead of pouncing from the shadows without care or thought

Your perpetual purpose is known to be cruel and underhand
But you defiantly steal one so cherished from this land
One who now lies in a deep, sullen slumber
Resting with her final dreams, of which we can but wonder

No more into this world will she awaken
The amazing joy she brought so many has been taken
Held captive at the hands of emptiness and despair
How can the world go on and not seem to care?

Yet, amidst this dark, gloomy emptiness a new song from a lark
A beacon of hope resounding through the dark
New tears from new eyes now flow
They help wash away a little of the sorrow

Nature and Time are great allies, we shall strike an accord
So worry about us not, balance will again be restored
We carry you forever in our hearts for all to see
I hope you find peace and rest well, for now you are free

A J Mallen