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Parting Friends

I could shower you with warm rain
Of the world's sweetest compliments and praise
But it would all be in vain
If you leave me behind in a fleeting haze

Your aura beams with excitement

As you drift through the corridors of life
Chasing dreams that will come true
Leaving in your wake all past and present strife

Oh please take me with you, I long
To taste a new life's exciting delights
Rich in adventure and fun
Let life begin again, hitting greater heights

Continents would be uncovered,
Dreams would just appear in disbelief
The world's read and waiting
For us to discover, like a hidden reef

If it should be destiny's will
For you to depart and never return
At least grant my owl passage
With frequent news to satisfy my heart's yearn

Oh Please don't forget about me
I will keep chasing my own dreams once more
But I will still dream, one day
Our souls become closer than ever before

A J Mallen