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The Great Mouseketeer

En Garde! The mouse is mightier than the claws. That is at least, in one tale of animal heroism I heard recently. For too long the mouse has been the inferior being, pitted against the fat cats of the world. Well here's a tale that will give hope to mice people everywhere.

A few weeks ago I was engrossed by a tale of this mighty Mouseketeer. My mam has two cats, one of which is all white and used to be the top cat, head poncho of the neighbourhood. No cat would ever dare enter his territory if they valued any of their nine lives. But as the years have gone by the mighty cat has aged and mellowed somewhat and is no longer the tyrant he once was.

And so one fateful day in a kitchen a mouse sneaked in through the back door. It's mission was reconnaissance, to bring back as much food as it could for his very large and ever-growing family. He barely had his nose in the door when he could smell trouble. After poking his head round the corner he was able to detect his awaiting foe easily despite peering under the large hat he was wearing. The cat didn't know quite what to make of this mysterious hat.

Most mice would run a mile when confronted by fur and claws but not this one, Don El Jose Isadera Celianayma Dandis II. For Jose was no longer prepared to bow down to the tyranny of the enemy and was now determined to stand his ground and fight back with all his might. If it meant his own death, so be it.

Poised and waiting, the mouse with his miniature sword was ready to duel against the once powerful king cat of the neighbourhood, his freshly sharpened claws shining as they caught the light and looking ferociously pointy. The nicknamed 'N'o-ay Jose' attempted to clear his throat. Instead of sounding fearsome however, he managed to merely squeak 'Ci senor you're not going to take me alive!'. His notably fake Spanish accent resounded through the kitchen as he emerged from under his oversized sombrero. First impressions were deceiving as this was no longer merely a talking hat but a mouse of deadly destruction. Armed, tailed and dangerous.

The cat made the first move. He moved cautiously, uncertain of the enemy that stood before him. He was right to be cautious. Jose immediately lunged forward with his sword and attempted to pierce the cat's paw. It failed. Instead the sword became an immediate write-off, having snapped in two. Heavily mismatched the mouse fought on. He aggressively lashed out with a right jab and caught the cat flush on the nose. The cat jumped back in disbelief. While the ageing feline was off-balance, the mouse landed another swift blow with a left uppercut. He'd had enough. The cat spun and darted away into cover, defeated and with his pride as battered as his nose felt.

This hero of the Vermin family heritage stood tall on that day and lived to fight another cat. Unfortunately this victory was rather short-lived. Once my mam's other cat discovered the travesty of justice she was not impressed. She was not so fearful and swiftly ate him alive, sword, sombrero and all. The sword got a little stuck in her throat at first but was quickly dislodged. At least the little fella had some good battles during his illustrious career.

Any creature no matter how great or small can put up a fight and really make a difference. This is a true testament of a never-say-die attitude going a long way against all odds. Quite literally in this case. So keep up your fighting spirit and watch out for sombrero-wearing, sword-wielding, Spanish-speaking vermin!