About Me

Hello there. Well, you've clearly stumbled upon my page so I best make the effort and introduce myself. My name is Andy or as my writing name goes, A J Mallen. I'm an aspiring writer, mostly of things that are funny and tales from my vivid imagination spawned from relatively dull everyday things. Sometimes I also write poetry. Currently I'm looking for people to collaborate with and have ideas of short stories that I'm working on. I've not yet done any stand-up because I'm a quiet comic though I'm hoping that will change when my voice breaks. I do have a blog that I try to write regularly and I'm presently known as The Mallen Streak. Posts can be found on this site or by clicking my blog link on the left (points finger to left of page). Well that's enough about me for now, if you want to know more you'll just have to start following me, on Twitter, not in real life or I'll get one of them junction thingies put in place, or restraining orders or restraint jackets or something.

DROP ME AN EMAIL themallenstreak@yahoo.com