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Within these page you will find all of AJ Kenning's writings of Fantasy, Science Fiction, History, Satire, and Romance that have seen the light of day somewhere, somewhen with introductions and links (where available).

You will also find (at the bottom of the bar) links to his philosophical ramblings, political screeds, and musings upon the nature of Art, should you have a mind in that direction.

And you'll also find his email address there, if you want to rail to him about any of his opinions.

Infinite Futures 2.0
A massive reworking of the Pathfinder roleplaying game From a Fantasy setting into a Science Fiction setting. Infinite Futures 1.0 was a system with some issues, such as having rules for spaceship creation, but no rules for space flight. Not to mention, no rules for zero-g movement nor high-speed ground vehicle movement. Beyond that, for a system purporting to be a you-build-it tool for any sci-fi campaign, there were no details for anything except Cyberpunk equipment (copied out of Shadowrun :( ) and mech vehicles. (The ship creation rules were out of the old d6 Star Wars game, for that matter.)

No longer!

 My part in Infinite Futures 2.0 was fixing all of the above issues, as well as designed a system of Tech Levels - from Stone Age to Creationist - that gives everyone a much better definition of what a scifi game is and how to make it run.

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Conflict PvP
Game Book
A full 75% of this book was written by me. Which is crazy, since I was 1 of a team of 5. But that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Conflict PvP takes the Pathfinder game and pitches PC against PC in Arena duels. But this is not just your sudden elimination (by death) Arena combat (thought there is that). There are a full 15 different types of Matches, from a kind of combat football to a rescue the prisoner (one set of PCs are the rescuers, the others those attempting to foil the rescue attempt).

All of those Match Types are either updated version from 1st Edition, re-written and updated by yours truly, or created by me. Which was a major undertaking in and of itself, but I also had a hand - to one degree or another - in every other chapter in the book. - crazy.

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