Book Chapters
  • Contemplating the Start of Someone,” forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook of Reproductive Ethics, edited by Leslie Pickering Francis (Oxford: Oxford University Press).
Journal Articles
Commentaries and Reviews
  • "Appreciating Uncertainty and Personal Preference in Genetic Testing," Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 5 (2015): 245-249.
  • Review of Gary Varner, Personhood, Ethics, and Animal Cognition in The Journal of Moral Philosophy 12 (2015): 247-250.
  • Review of Christian Smith, What is a Person? in The Journal of Moral Philosophy 10 (2013): 555-557.
  • Review of Christine Korsgaard, The Constitution of Agency, in The Philosophical Quarterly 60 (2010): 427-29.
  • Review of David Schmidtz, Elements of Justice in The Hedgehog Review (vol. 9, no. 3, Fall 2007).