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Psychologist and Teacher

Professor Ajit Kumar Pal lived and struggled for a better India. A silent man, finally gave up his dream in great pain and suffering. Professor Ajit Kumar Pal was born in Rangoon. His family lived in a rented house on Juda Ezekiel Street. His early schooling was in a French private school. Moved to Dhaka in 1942, studied in St. Gregory's School. Shifted in 1947 to Calcutta. Studied Applied Psychology for his Masters from Calcutta University. Taught Psychology in Delhi University since 1962. Married Swarnalata Bose in 1960. His wife died in 1982 at Gorakhpur. He had two sons, Dhruvashish and Anadish. Dhruvashish died in his infancy of Nimann-Pick disease, not even a year old. 

Professor Ajit Kumar Pal left behind a cultural legacy of Socratian dialog. In the present state of confusion in India, There is a lot of hue and cry over little and  his Socratian ideals of an ever-going cultural dialog is quite forgotten. However, there is always hope. Here, we would strive to chronicle his journey through life and his thoughts.