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Android ToDo List

Todo List for Android

This is a program to organize todo's/tasks in a treeview form.

Add, view and edit your list on your phone, then use the same list on your computer (requires the use of an external program for automatic synchronization).

Files are stored in user defined folders on the sd card.
Choose dark or light theme.
Use built-in date picker or custom calendar.
Move item around with cut and paste.
List can be sorted based on due date, title, completion or priority, or it can be unsorted.
Can be integrated with the Minimalistic Text Widget (if installed).

Currently supports editing of these fields:
-start date
-due date

Future plans:
-Support editing for person, status, recurring items
-Export as google task

Because this is a beta version, every time your list is saved, the previous version will be saved too. (This feature can be turned off in the settings menu.)

Since I am not the developer of the desktop version of this program, some of the features available on the desktop might not work on the Android version.

Any list files stored on the sd card will be left after uninstallation.

This is a beta version, and I encourage comments or bug reports sent by email.

LIMITATION: (I am not sure if this is still a limitation. Please let me know if you have issues with this.)
If the notes field has more than about 8000 characters, the note field will appear blank.

This is still being developed as a hobby, and is not a final version. It is being developed as I see fit, have time and am interested in doing it. THERE IS NO WARRANTY THAT THIS PROGRAM WILL WORK on your Android phone or tablet. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE IT MAY CAUSE.