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Wearing the Ross Family Tartan 

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Mr. Donald J. Ross was elected as the first President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, (ASGCA) when the Society was originally founded in 1946 at Pinehurst, North Carolina.  In order to pay respect and honor Mr. Ross, in 1974, the ASGCA decided to require all members to have a sport coat cut and custom tailored from the Ross Family Tartan of Dornoch, Scotland.  Today, there are about 200 combined Associate, Full and Fellow Members of the ASGCA worldwide.  Mr. Robert Trent Jones, Sr., ASGCA, was the first Treasurer of the newly formed Society and the man who Mr. A. John Harvey worked for upon entering the profession of golf course architecture in 1988, practicing out of Mr. Jones' Montclair, NJ and Fort Lauderdale, FL offices.  John also worked alongside Mr. Roger G. Rulewich, ASGCA Fellow and past  President, while with Robert Trent Jones Companies and then again at The Roger Rulewich Group/Golf Group based in Bernardston, MA.  John has been an active member of the ASGCA for over 22-years.

The Ross Tartan Jacket is a symbol of achievement and welcoming of a golf course designer into the most notable and recognized Group of Golf Course Architects in the world - The American Society of Golf Course Architects.  

      “It is a great honor and distinct privilege to have achieved the requirements of becoming a full member of the ASGCA.  To have your work be recognized by your peers and the golf industry is a welcome blessing that challenges my creative energies everyday to provide visionary and cost effective golf design services to our clients.”   

     "It has been a fabulous experience working alongside my mentors Mr. Jones and Mr. Rulewich who are arguably two of the more noteworthy and well respected American golf course designers.  Their design style, elegance and grace while working with a raw piece of land or with an existing course is embodied in their designs.  I have taken away much from these learning opportunities while working with these talented, fine gentlemen.  My firm, provides owners with value minded planning, critical thinking and an experienced eye on the art and strategy of golf architecture that embraces solid design principles. "

                                                 ~ A. John Harvey

(Top Image)  Roger G. Rulewich & John - 2010

(Lower Image) Mr. Robert Trent Jones, Sr. on Alabama's RTJ Trail - 1992 

American Society of Golf Course Architects  - Member #183

 American Society of Landscape Architects

 Image of Hole #9 at Resort Club at Grand Dunes - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - a Burroughs & Chapin Company, Inc. Development


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ASGCA's Website:  https://asgca.org/2020-environmental-excellence-awards-honorees-announced-by-asgca/    

Golf Course Architecture's Website:   https://www.golfcoursearchitecture.net/content/asgca-highlights-six-golf-projects-that-demonstrate-environmental-excellence 



Why Hire Us?

 At AJH Golf, LLC we are passionate about our work in designing and renovating the playing fields of the great game of golf!  With a keen eye on traditional design characteristics and an open mind for planning courses for every skill level of golfer to enjoy, we strive to create well conceived designs on time and on budget.  

Image of Hole #7 (West Course) at Upper Montclair Country Club - Clifton, New Jersey

Bunker Renovations 

Our Experience Shows!

Considering that we have worked on sites with a myriad of constraints including challenging topography, soils, climate, geography and cultural diversity for the design of new course and renovations of existing facilities in the US, Europe and Caribbean, we feel we bring to the table suitable experience and professional insight on every project. Mr. Harvey has over 32-years of golf design experience, much of which was spent working alongside Messrs, Robert Trent Jones, Sr., and Roger G. Rulewich.  From the fast tracked design and construction of Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail to local New York Metropolitan area member club and municipal course renovations, AJH Golf Course Design, LLC can tailor their services to meet the needs of each customer's vision.

 "The game of golf’s ancestral heritage, originating in the 12th century, evolved on sandy wastelands or linksland along the sea, whereby golf holes were developed and maintained by nature and man.  Nature and man will always play a role in their maintenance, renovation, design and evolution."      ~ Robert Trent Jones, Sr.  

"The chief object of every golf architect or greenkeeper worth his salt is to imitate the beauties of nature so closely as to make his work indistinguishable from nature itself."

  ~ Alister MacKenzie

AJH Golf's Core Design Principles:

Understand the needs of our clients

Do what we say and say what we do

Work hard... enjoy the journey...have fun!

Image of Hole #5 Green Complex at Longshore Club Park Golf Course - Westport, Connecticut

Bunker & Tee Renovations  (Photo courtesy of Dan Murdoch Photography)


 Always a good day when you're on a site during construction with a great client and a qualified course contractor, working as a team to produce wonderful results!