Andrew Johnson Heritage Association

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"The Andrew Johnson Heritage Association not only keeps the name of the 17th President in the public eye", Joyce Doughty, President of the Association, has observed, "it plays an important role in furthering educational goals. By encouraging students to have a greater appreciation of the importance of studying American history and by developing their research and analytical thinking skills through participation in National History Day, members of the Association have enriched the lives of countless youngsters.

"Association members have also contributed to over 600 hours of time as volunteers to the Andrew Johnson and Doak House Museums in recent years. In keeping with Tennessee's nickname as the Volunteer State, these modern volunteers have performed a variety of important services," Doughty continued. "These include cataloging the books from the original College library, transcribing 19th and 20th Century letters, sorting archival materials, hosting visitors to the Museum, and staffing learning stations for school children."