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Andrea (Andy) and Irv in Bhutan

A personal note....

As professional writers, we have one of the best jobs in the world. Our work takes us to fascinating places and introduces us to amazing people, who are willing, for the most part, to spend a lot of time showing us around and answering our questions. 

When we come home, we get to hunker down in our basement office (no long commutes!) and write stories of our experiences so that we can share them with thousands of readers. When we’re really lucky, our readers get back to us with their thoughts, allowing us to interact with even more amazing people. Now how cool is that?

Many of our stories are about travel. We've toured Downton Abbey sites in England, seen komodo dragons in Indonesia and climbed a windmill in Elk Horn, Iowa—proving that it's just as possible to find good stories in Iowa as in Indonesia. These stories and others have been published in newspapers and magazines around the world, from The Washington Post to The Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald.

In addition, we share our adventures through Traveltizers™articles that reach between 1 and 1.5 million people every month. As the name implies, Traveltizers are travel appetizers, which, like their culinary counterpart, impart flavor and entice folks to indulge in the main course. [For more on Traveltizers, click the "Travel Stories" link on the left.]

Other times we write feature stories that focus on various trends or issues. These include an article for TIME Magazine that talked about the increasing number of young seniors who are uprooting themselves to live near their children, and the many stories Andy wrote while she was contributing editor for Ladies’ Home Journal. In this position she covered subjects such as international adoption, workplace violence and repressed memory. In another article, a personal essay for Newsweek, she wrote of the joy she and her family derived from hearing her parents' stories.

This experience evolved into Legacy Prose™,  a program through which we help people preserve their family stories and pass on their family values. These privately-published memoirs are among the most rewarding things we do because, while they don’t reach millions of readers as do many of our other stories, they are treasured for generations. [For more on Legacy Prose, click the "Memoirs" link on the left.]

As we said above, our readers are a constant source of delight. We hope you’ll get in touch with us with your reactions, suggestions and, most of all, with your ideas. 

Our very best,

Andy Gross and Irv Green