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Presents: New Works by AJ Fosik

JUNE 13th – JULY 4th

White Walls Gallery is proud to present new works by AJ Fosik. An opening reception will be held Saturday, June 11th, 2009 from 7pm to 11pm. We are pleased to welcome back the Philadelphia based artist, AJ Fosik, whose prolific three-dimensional works subtly question assumptions of American visual culture.
Although AJ Fosik was born and raised in Detroit, he calls more than one city home. Having lived in Brooklyn, Denver, California, and Philadelphia, AJ thrives in unfamiliar landscapes. “Fosik” is actually an Australian verb for sifting though mine washings (or waste piles) to find missed gold. In the same way, AJ’s creatures become the unfound gold within an oversaturated visual culture. His sculptures address traditional American folk imagery with a psychedelic color palette, drawing the viewer into familiar territory while proposing new perspectives. In this new body of work, AJ focuses on brighter neon colors, more complex compositions, and characters evolved into something entirely undiscovered. As AJ once thrived on hand crafting street signs to bolt up around NYC, he samples this tradition of street art and signage in his fine art. Using this familiar medium, hundreds of wooden shapes are constructed into a confrontational, bestial sculpture. AJ’s stuffed trophy mounts comes to life in vibrant, ferocious creatures that defy conquer. Using one of the least explored mediums in contemporary lowbrow art, AJ takes the lead in three-dimensional conversations about American culture.

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