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Hi there, my name is Ajedi32 and this is my Roblox fan site "Roblox Lab". Roblox is an AWESOME game and one that I have been on a lot lately. My user name on Roblox is, of course, Ajedi32. In case you're interested, you can click here to view my Profile on Roblox.

What is Roblox?
Well, considering that you're currently visiting a Roblox fan site I'm pretty sure you already know what Roblox is. But just in case you don't - Roblox is an online building game where you can build using infinite numbers of Lego-like bricks and share your creations with other users. You can build fun games on Roblox, make them work with scripts, and explore countless numbers of other user's places. People have done some pretty incredible things with Roblox, myself included. I have over 3 million place visits and counting - not bad hu?

If you have never heard of Roblox and want to create an account on it, please use this link(why?)

What is this Website For?
This website is basically a fan site I created with resources and reference material available for Roblox players. Some of the most popular pages on this website are my scripting lessons and level calculator.

Quick Links

Current Projects

The Roblox Newb Guide Under Construction
Other Roblox Fan Sites

External Links
Roblox HQ (Clockworks Website)
Tales from Robloxia (A novel by Freshbakedpie)
Roblox Strategy Guide (HolyMAC's Website)

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This website talks about me (Ajedi32) on Roblox. For other stuff that I do, see my other site.
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