EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report

Electrical Report Colchester

EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Consider it to be like an MOT for the electrical system in your house or commercial property. Although more specifically the EICR is only a report on the condition of the mains power wiring system of a property, but it can also include other types of low voltage wiring (such as telephone and data cables, or alarm system cables) if the power cables come into contact with or are installed too close to the power cables.

The EICR was formerly known as PIR- Periodic Inspection Report, but because problems existed with the old system, the new EICR came into use at the beginning of the year (2012).

There are electrical contractors that are not aware of the change, and are still issuing old PIR certificates.

Periodic inspection reports are a requirement for most rented properties and insurance companies, and are advisable when buying any new property. However we do offer a Visual Inspection Report which is a more basic analysis of the electrical installation and these reports are advised to take place every year. EICR's are an official report, these can be used for many purposes including insurance companies, councils, court or just plain old peace of mind.  Why not have our Colchester electrician carry put a inspection for you.