The 2018 AJCC details have NOT been finalised at this point in time. Indications are that they will be held in Melbourne, however nothing has been confirmed.

On behalf of the organising committee and the Chess Association of Queensland, a big thank you for coming along. The following are the podiums of each division.

The Australian Junior Champions are Ray Yang and Yifan Eva Wang!

Under 8 Open:
1st - Nikhil Reddy (play-off)
2nd - James Gao
3rd - James Arthur

Under 8 Girls:
1st - Aurora Lannon
2nd - Aleegra Moraitis

Under 10 Open:
1st - Marco Le Lun Zheng
2nd - Sayum Rupasinghe
3rd - Gavyn Sanusi-Goh

Under 10 Girls:
1st - Chloe Fan
2nd - Katherine Pan
3rd - Sophie Chang

Under 12 Open:
1st - Oliver Li (play-off)
2nd - Oliver Yang
3rd - Byron Morris

Under 12 Girls:
1st - Myiesha Maunders
2nd - Sulia Van Sebille
3rd - Eowyn Mercado

Under 14 Open:
1st - Brendan Zou
2nd - Matthew Clarke
3rd - Kayson Wang

Under 14 Girls:
1st - Athena Hathiramani
2nd - Bridgette Watkins
3rd - Elena Jule

Under 16 Open:
1st - Gordon Yang
2nd - Dillon Hathiramani
3rd - Michael Ostapenko

Under 16 Girls:
1st - Jody Middleton
2nd - Daria Koruikina
3rd - Nina Tchitaev

Under 18 Open:
1st - Ray Yang
2nd - Tim Harris
3rd - Tom Slater-Jones

Under 18 Girls:
1st - Yifan Eva Wang
2nd - Theresa Gu
3rd - Susanne Wells

If you are experiencing any flight delays or have any concerns, please contact Andrew on 0438 348 995 or afitzpatrick@gardinerchess.com.au