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Guided Problem Composing

This event will be held in addition to the usual solving event. The composing event will not take place at the playing venue. Instead, the paper is posted on this site here, and people may work on the questions at home and later submit their entries to the email address indicated in the paper. The deadline for entries is email sent before midnight on Sunday 7th December 2014. (Note that the deadline is well before the playing event, to allow time for marking the entries.) An introduction to chess problem composition is available on this site here, so that you will know how to go about the tasks. The answers will be posted on this site.

There is no entry fee and no separate entry procedure -- just submit your answers. Prizes are yet to be determined. The purpose of this event is not only competition among entrants -- you will also learn something about a very interesting area that may be new to you -- apart from that, you can take part just for fun!

Since entrants in this event do not need to come to the playing venue, anyone may enter, including not only juniors but also older people wherever they may be. It is expected to suit fairly experienced chess enthusiasts aged about 10 and over, perhaps usually a little older than that.

Nigel Nettheim