BIG Bronco for sale

1993 customized Bronco for sale 

 35" Pro-Comp mud terrain tires

6" Pro-Comp lift w/ extended radius arms

SE9500 Mile Marker winch

Ramsey winch bumper with grill guard

Retractable/removable soft top with zip in/out sides and back.

Custom rear bumper 

Typical rot for the year.  I have replacement quarter panels that will be included in the sale.  (SOLD!)

Blue interior in great shape.  No tears, no holes, anywhere.

 The picture above shows the inside of the driver side door.  There's a little surface rust at the bottom.

Above is a close up of that rust.

Above is the driver side lower cab corner/rear quarter.  Below is a tighter shot of the same thing.


Staying with the driver side, below is a shot of the gutter.  Here you can also see how the top hooks onto the truck. 



Above is a shot through the driver side rear wheel well to look at the frame.  The rear suspension is lifted with a new spring pack.   The dust/dirt in the pictures is actually pollen.


Driver side front fender.


This is what happens to POR-15 when you do a crappy job of applying the top-coat.  As you can see though, the steel is still protected.


Overall, the bumper is still in nice shape.



This is a shot of the winch looking over the grill guard.  The shiny spot on the bumper is water, it rained last night.  I used all stainless hardware to attach the bumper.


Passenger side door is nearly perfect.


Passenger side gutter.  Again, you can see all of the pollen.


Passenger side lower cab corner.


Passenger side fender.


View through passenger side front wheel well.


Above, from below the truck, the rear differential, shocks, exhaust.  Stock gears in the diffs.



Above is the extended radius arms.


Interior view of top and rear bench seat.  The speaker covers are off in the back but I think I still have them.  I believe the rear speakers are shot.  I don't recall now but I don't think the radio works worth a crap either.


Another inside view of the top.  The top is loose in this picture.  There are a couple of lever that you use to tighten it up.  I kept it loose when I wasn't driving it, just to keep it from stretching too much. 


Couple of engine shots.   Bone stock 302.


31" snow tires below

Left front

 Left front is like new.

Left rear

This is a shot of the left rear.  This is the worst of the four.

Right rear.

Right front.

I have not doctored the truck in any way for these pictures.  Heck, I didn't even wash the pollen off of the thing.  It has definitely looked better.   A quick wash would do wonders