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An Online Summary of the Web link information appearing in the "Interesting Websites" section of The Buzzard, published by the Shropshire Ornithological Society


This website is a "web extra" to accompany the Interesting Websites articles in the SOS magazine The Buzzard. It is intended to duplicate the link information from the printed article to provide a convenient means of accessing the birding-related sites covered in the magazine articles and, equally importantly, to avoid the potential for errors resulting from transcribing printed URLs to the address window of your web browser. In some cases, additional websites on the theme covered in the articles, for which space was not available in the Buzzard, are provided. Coverage on this website will run parallel to the published magazine information but will also extend backwards in time to cover retrospectively the sites discussed by the previous compiler prior to issue 208.

I welcome any comments you may have on either the printed articles or this website.

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In the following, links are listed in reverse chronological order so that items associated with the most recent Buzzard article appear first. Please note that, in a few cases, website addresses that have ceased to work have been replaced by equivalent pages or deleted.

Number 220 (Summer 2010): Birding - Legal and Ethical Issues

Number 219 (Spring 2010): Bird Atlas 2008-11

Number 218 (Winter 2009): How Birds Fly

Number 217 (Autumn 2009): Bird Observatories  

Websites Referenced in Article

Other Observatory Websites in the UK and Ireland

Other Bird Observatories

Number 216 (Summer 2009): Online Bird Guides

Number 215 (Spring 2009): BirdForum

 Number 214 (Winter 2008): Bird Names and Naming

Note: sites marked ** were cited in the published Buzzard article.

Multilingual Bird Name Sites

Spelling, Hyphenation and Capitalisation


Birders' Argot

Collective Nouns for Birds

Bird Name Etymology

Archaic Bird Names

Bird Name Coding for Field Recording Use


Systems of Standardised English Names

Regional Names

Number 213 (Autumn 2008): Optics for Birding

Web Pages Cited in Published Article

Other Birding Optics Information Sources on the Web

Beware. Some of these sites are commercial and are oriented towards selling optics.  Consider information presented on such sites (or parts of sites) from the perspective of this objective. Caveat emptor!

Number 212 (Summer 2008): Digiscoping

 Digiscoping websites (largely oriented towards beginners):

Somewhat more advanced digiscoping sites:


The following web pages were not included in the printed article but may offer additional information, examples and tips.  Be forewarned that some of these sites are commercially oriented.

 Number 211 (Spring 2008): Bird Skeletons, Skins and Feathers

To be able to view video images of rotating bird skeletons at the first site, you will need to install Adobe Flash Player on your computer.  This is available free here.

To be able to view (and manipulate) the bird taxidermy specimens in three-dimensions at the Amsterdam Museum site, you will need QuickTime viewer (also available free) at this link.  The free version information is in the left-hand panel beneath the "QuickTime 7" heading.

Number 210 (Winter 2007): Birding in Neighbouring Counties

Herefordshire Ornithological Club
Fat Birder

Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society
Wirral Bird Club
Knutsford Ornithological Society
Mid-Cheshire Ornithological Society
Fat Birder

West Midland Bird Club
North Staffordshire RSPB Local Group
Fat Birder

West Midland Bird Club
Worcestershire Birding
Fat Birder

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

Dee Estuary Birding

Fat Birder

Fat Birder

Number 209 (Autumn 2007): BTO Surveys

 Number 208 (Summer 2007): Bird Sounds

Links from the Buzzard article marked (**) have changed URLs (web addresses) since publication in the magazine.

The following websites, while not included in the Buzzard article, are also valuable as sources of information on and recordings of bird vocalisations.

Number 206 (Winter 2006)

Number 205 (Autumn 2006)

Number 204 (Summer 2006)

Various "green" issues:

Number 203 (Spring 2006)

Number 202 (Winter 2005)

Number 201 (Autumn 2005)

Prior to Autumn 2005