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I am playing with options for notice boards and online groups and email reflectors read below and tell me what you think -
Opt1 - allows for growth with little input but exec control - once in members can do posting by themselves
Opt2 - allows for growth with more exec input - once in member can do posting by themselves
Opt3 - exec control only  and posting only via Exec
Opt4 - a google function but looks too open - I will work on it

Option 1- AJAofSA Members Chat/Google Group

  • AJAofSA has google group which has been created with the following settings and options;
  • Settings and options can be changed but they are currently;  
    • Viewing: Anybody can view the postings; at
    • Listing: The group is not listed in the google list directory
    • Joining: People can request to become a member of this group, it is approved or rejected by the managers (ajaofsa exec)
      • People can make the joining request by email or via the web
    • Posting: Only members of the group can post to the group, it can be moderated and controlled by the group managers if desired
    • Members Listing: Only Managers (ajaofsa exec) can view groups member list 
    • Invitations to Join: Only Managers(ajaofsa exec) can invite people to join this group
  • The AJA of SA members google group details 
    • Web address: http://groups.google.com/group/AJAofSA 
    • Subscribe by email: send a blank email to: ajaofsa+subscribe@googlegroups.com 
    • Unsubscribe by email: send a blank email to: ajaofsa+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com 
      • it must be sent from the same email address you subscribed from
    • To read via email: 
      • join the group, 
      • make sure your group settings are for email delivery 
      • and then read the emails that arrive 
    • To post to this group via email: 
      • and the email will be forwarded to everyone on the list according to their member settings 
    • To read this group via the web 
    • To post to the group via the web 
      • go to the web site at: http://groups.google.com/group/AJAofSA 
      • and then read a message and then choose the "reply" link at the bottom of a message 
      • Note: to post messages via the web interface you must be , 
        • logged in with the email and password you used to create your google account, 
        • or already be a member and be replying to an existing message 
    • Web ( subscribe, unsubscribe , change your reading options( eg: read via email, email digest or web or to read and / or post messages)
    • If you have forgotten your password 
      • go to the login, 
      • enter your email address, 
      • choose the "forgotten password" option 
      • also see HERE for more detailed instructions
  • The group Web Site display Options are tried below:
  • Note that the direct access vis the groups web page and email are as above
    • a) embedded this google groups onto this page - see below 
    • b) display the group feed - the various feed displays below did work - and the  feed address is 
      • http://groups.google.com/group/ajaofsa/feed/rss_v2_0_msgs.xml 
      • however I do not find this a very nice display
    • c) or maybe better just to go direct to the real group web page here at - http://groups.google.com/group/ajaofsa . All the controls for this still apply as above ie people can post by email , limit postings to members, can be read by everyone
    • Can also Embed a subscribe box and the web page into The web site (immediately below)
      • Embed gadget

      • Include gadget (iframe)

      • Version 2 AJAofSA Discussion Forum

    • Some inside our web site possible feed displays for the same group
      • AJA of SA Group RSS Feed

      • Feed widget

      • theXblogs

Option 2 - AJAofSAFriends Web page announcement - Open

  • Like the current Exec announcement page
  • AJA of SA has another web site but specifically to be used as an announcement page: see http://sites.google.com/site/ajaofsafriends
  • This has been created as a separate site to the main AJAofSA site because as you will see reading below, to allow people to post you must make them at least site collaborators, which also allows them to do many other things which may not be acceptable on the main site but could be okay for a secondary site 
  • Settings and Options are currently
    • Viewing: Anybody can View
      • Directly at http://sites.google.com/site/ajaofsafriends
      • Or embed as an embedded web page on this site (see just below this (looks a bit funny because its squeezed in but on its own page maybe okay - probably no real advantage to embedding within this site)
    • Joining: The Site Owners(AJAofSA Exec) can invite members as collaborators which then allows them to post announcements - 
      • see https://sites.google.com/site/ajaofsafriends/system/app/pages/admin/sharing 
      • When subscribing people the rules are
        • Owners can:
          • Invite other owners, collaborators or viewers
          • Change site themes and layout
          • Change the site name
          • Delete the site
          • Do everything that a collaborator can do
        • Collaborators can:
          • Create, edit, delete pages
          • Move pages
          • Add attachments
          • Add comments
          • Add/remove pages to the sidebar navigation
          • Subscribe to site and page changes
          • Post Announcements
        • Viewers can:
          • Only view pages
          • Subscribe to announcements 

Include gadget (iframe)

Option 3 - Announcement Pages as is - Exec control (current situation)

Basically as we are now 
Use the current ajaofsa announcement pageS for exec and Friends
BUT keep them as they are now so that
  • Post must go via one of the Exec members
  • But as now they are still able to be read by all

Option 4 - Conversation element

This conversation element but it seems to allow lots of things and seems far too open and unregulated  too me will work on it

Conversation Element

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